Proposed MVSD Budget for 2019-2020

The spreadsheet below is designed to provide viewers with the ability to delve into the details on the proposed 2019-2020 MVSD Budget.

  • The first "sheet" or link on the spreadsheet provides FUNCTION totals and the ability to see these totals longitudinal and view the difference from the previously voter approved budget
  • The second "sheet" or link on the spreadsheet has all of the budget lines and DETAILS that are associated with each function. This spreadsheet is over 1,000 lines
  • The third "sheet" provides a summary/overview of net changes in the function areas and overall increases and decreases found throughout the budget

When you hover over the spreadsheet, you can open it in a new window by clicking on the button that appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the document.

MVSD BUDGET 19-20 Draft 112618 - function overview and details

More Information

  • SAU administration created this document to provide readers with insights into the budgeting process
  • Budget Functions - this document contains details and information into the various budget functions
  • The MVSD Public Hearing on the budget was held on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 (7pm in the MVHS Auditorium). The major purpose of the annual Public Hearing is for the MVSD Board to present the proposed budget and warrant to the MVSD voters and to hear public feedback
  • The MVSD Annual Meeting is - Thursday, March 7, 2019. Voting for open MVSD School Board positions will begin at 11am. Polls will be open until the Annual Meeting commences at 7pm. All voting and the Annual Meeting will take place in the MVHS Auditorium

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