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Recent COVID-19 Notifications from the MVSD

The documents linked below have also been distributed (via email) to parent and appropriate student email groups in the MVSD.

  • 02.19.2021 - Please click here

  • 02.12.2021 - Please click here

  • 02.05.2021 - Please click here

  • 01.29.2021 - Please click here

  • 01.22.2021 - Please click here

  • 01.15.2021 - Please click here

  • 12.18.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.15.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.14.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.11.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.08.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.07.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.03.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.02.2020 - Please click here

  • 12.01.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.30.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.17.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.16.2020 - Update #2 - Please click here

  • 11.16.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.13.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.12.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.10.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.06.2020 - Please click here

  • 11.05.2020 - Please click here

2021 | MVSD | Annual Meeting

  • The MVSD Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, 3.5.2021 @ MVHS

    • Polling Hours are 11am - 7pm (for moderator and board seats)

    • The Annual Meeting starts at 7pm

    • Click here for detailed information about the safety and health procedures and protocols that will be in place at the Annual Meeting

  • Click here to view the 2021 Warrant

  • Click here for a PDF copy of the proposed 2021 Budget

  • For further 2021-2022 proposed budget information, visit this page

  • 2021 | MVSD | Annual Report

    • Click here to view the digital Annual Report

    • Printed copies of a condensed version will be available at the meeting - Click here to view

  • Click here to view a Ballot sample

  • Click here to view the signed MS-26

  • Free and Reduced Lunch applications - link | filling this out may help the MVSD with expected 2021-2022 revenues from the state

MVSD | 2021 | Absentee Ballots

  • If you are interested in obtaining an absentee ballot, please complete this brief form. This form provides multiple options for receiving the absentee ballot application.

  • Questions can be directed to - or by phone | 603.753.6561

Further information about Absentee Ballots >>

According to law, provisions shall be made by the school district so that any voter who is absent from that school district on the day of the annual or special election or meeting, or who, by reason of religious observance or physical disability is unable to vote in person, may vote at such election or meeting for school district officer.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can request an absentee ballot for the following reasons:

  • if you are ill due to COVID-19, or caring for someone with COVID-19 symptoms;

  • or you are concerned that voting in person will expose you or others to COVID-19.

    • check I am unable to vote in person due to a disability on the application for COVID-19 reasons

Any voter who is unable to appear during polling hours at his/her polling place because of an employment obligation shall be considered absent. Such voter shall be provided with all official ballots which are to be provided at the polling place on the day of the balloting. For the purposes of this section, the term “employment” shall include the care of children and infirm adults, with or without compensation.

  • If you are interested in obtaining an absentee ballot, please complete this form.

  • Completed applications can also be scanned and emailed to -

  • Completed applications can also be dropped off at the SAU Office (105 Community Drive | Penacook, NH 03303) or mailed to the same address

    • If you are using US Post, please send completed ballots to the SAU at least five (5) in advance of the Annual Meeting date (03.05.2021)

  • Questions can be directed to - or by phone | 603.753.6561

Please note: Absentee ballots are for voting on articles presented on the Official Ballot (typically School Board and Moderator elections). According to current state law, voters must be present at the Annual Meeting to vote on articles presented at the meeting.

Merrimack Valley School Board - Meeting Notice

  • The next MVSD School Board Meeting will be held on Monday, March 8th, 2021 at 7:15pm. This will be a hybrid meeting (in-person and online access and participation)

    • Meeting notice and registration link - coming soon

    • Public Comment sign up form - coming soon

    • March Board packet - coming soon

Merrimack Valley School Board Approves Reopening Framework

  • 7.24.2020 - On Thursday evening, 7.23.2020, nearly 400 participants joined the School Board to hear / view a presentation about a plan to reopen schools in the MVSD. After the presentation, the Board engaged in conversation and posed questions to SAU and MVSD administration. Following this discussion, members of the public were invited to share testimony and ask questions. Administration and the Board provided clarification and responses. To conclude the special meeting, the Board moved to approve a framework.

  • The presentation (which includes details and information about the reopening framework) can be found here - link

  • At their December 2020 Meeting, the MV School Board amended the previously established "reconsideration date" to April 2020.

  • The revised calendar can be found here - link

Food Service

  • Click here to apply online for free and reduced lunch/breakfast

    • Parents are urged to complete the application in cases of either reduced income levels or unemployment situations. The application is reviewed according to federal guidelines and held in strict confidentiality

    • If you have questions or problems, please contact Chris Michael or Wendy LaClair at 753-1420 or

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MVSD - District Calendar

Scheduled Board/Committee Meetings

  • The MVSD Annual Meeting - Friday, March 5, 2021 @ 7:00pm | Merrimack Valley High School Gym

    • Polling hours 11:00am - 7:00pm

  • MVSD School Board Meeting - Monday, March 8, 2021 @ 7:15pm | Hybrid Meeting (Zoom and in-person at MVHS) - Coming soon

This document serves as a proactive communication and planning device for the MVSD and its communities. This document is a continual work in progress and certain aspects may change. Any changes will be reflected automatically in the link above.

Stop Bullying

Bullying is an extraordinarily important topic facing students, parents, families, and schools. The MVSD is committed to increasing awareness and education, while proactively partnering with our constituents to end bullying. The following link leads you to a website that provides definitions, processes, and helpful resources in this effort.

Congratulations to Mark MacLean

2020 NH Superintendent of the Year

Read the press release from the NHSAA.

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