English Language Learner Services

MVSD English Language Learner Services seek to follow the guidelines from:

THE NH Legal Compliance Manual for Instructing & Assessing Students Learning English

ESOL Services:

  • are fair and integrative and provide equal access to equal opportunity

  • involve team approach, comprising personnel such as the ESOL & classroom teachers, ESOL coordinator, school counselor, principal, Title I staff, parents

  • do not segregate students for a lengthy period of time

  • value students’ language and cultural differences

  • provide effective services that lead to performance comparable to ESOL students’ English-speaking peers

  • provide adequate resources and qualified personnel, with approximately

  • are based on individual student English proficiency needs

  • include multiple criteria for placement, promotion, and exiting

  • use a monitoring plan that includes careful observation of students for a two-year period after exiting the program

  • are based on current instructional practices

  • teach English language skills and skills for learning content (academic subjects) through English

  • provide modified content area instruction, document services provided, and decisions made

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