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Merrimack Valley School Board Opposes House Bill (HB) 544 language embedded in HB 2

At their May 10, 2021 MV School Board Meeting, the Board voted to make the following statement in regard to the prohibition of certain "divisive concepts" embedded in HB 2. House Bill 2 is "AN ACT relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures."

The Board's statement:

"The Merrimack Valley School Board strongly opposes the language in HB 2 which restricts open and honest discussion of topics that might be considered divisive. We are committed to offering our students an 'apolitical' curriculum that fosters safe and respectful conversations from diverse perspectives and encourages them to critically analyze issues that impact equity and inclusion in our schools and our community."

The Merrimack Valley School Board, representing the five towns of Boscawen, Loudon, Penacook, Salisbury and Webster conduct the business of the Merrimack Valley School District. The Board typically meets on the 1st Monday of each month at MVHS in the Library / Media Center. Meetings are live-streamed and stored via YouTube. The public, students, and staff are invited to give input and become involved.

The School Board is responsible for hiring the superintendent, authorizing the appointment of other staff members, authorizing curriculum development, budgeting for both educational programs and operating expenses, and setting District policies. The Board delegates the execution of District policies to the District's administration. The Board functions as a decision-making group to make and adopt new policies, assign supervisory duties for the policies, and evaluate the results of the policies.

The MVSD School Board is an 11 member board elected in public elections for a 3 year term. Board members serve on a volunteer basis and do not maintain offices in the District buildings. Elections are held at each Annual District Meeting in March.

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