MVSD Safety and Security

Post date: Feb 19, 2018 9:39:53 PM

We mourn for the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. Incidents such as these remind us to value, support, and foster a strong school-home connection. We need open and collaborative communications to further grow our partnership in support of educating active learners and good citizens. The PDF below provides parents some resources and ideas in speaking with their children about violence and traumatic events. Having these types of conversations with young people are not easy. We are grateful to parents who also broach these difficult topics at home. At our schools, age-appropriate discussions have been taking place.

We continue to bolster our security efforts, preparedness, infrastructures, and training as well. The MVSD Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) indicates some of our future priorities in further securing our schools. Working together, we can have a positive impact in our quest to end these senseless acts of violence that are too frequently occurring in our society.