2021 | MVSD | Annual Meeting

The 2021 MVSD Annual Meeting is being held on Friday, March 5, 2021

  • Polls @ MVSD open at 11am through 7pm - this is for voting on school board and moderator elections

  • The Annual Meeting starts at 7pm at MVHS (primary location - gymnasium. The auditorium and overflow rooms will be used as necessary)

Specific Details...

  • Polls -MVHS will be opened from 11am to 7pm for polling

    • All MVHS students and teachers will be in remote learning on Friday, March 5, 2021

    • The MVSD will focus on employing LAYERS OF PROTECTION / MITIGATION STRATEGIES during voting and the Annual Meeting

      • Physical-distancing - throughout ballot voting (11am to 7pm) and the subsequent Annual Meeting, 6-foot distancing will attempt to be maintained. We ask that all attendees abide by this protocol

      • Face Coverings - appropriate face coverings are required for all who enter any MVSD building. Voters are encouraged to use masks/face coverings that are at least two layers and fit snugly. Disposable masks will be available at MVHS

      • Health / Safety Screening - voters will enter the main entrance at MVHS and will be greeted by an MVSD representative in the main lobby. Voters will have their temperatures taken and logged (along with some basic contact information). Voters will also be asked a few questions relative to their health and recent travel

      • Hand Hygiene - multiple hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout MVHS

      • Cleaning and Disinfecting - MVSD has trained / experienced personnel who will clean and disinfect MVHS prior to voting and the meeting. Additionally, personnel will continuously clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the day

    • Voting will take place in the MVHS gymnasium. Physically-distanced voter check-in and booths will be set up and ready. Ballot clerks, checklists supervisors, and the moderator will be present (also physically-distanced) to help coordinate and supervise appropriately

    • Meeting - at 7pm the polls for the official ballot will close and the Annual Meeting will commence

      • Layout and Setup - click here to view a conceptual rendering of the layout in the MVHS gymnasium

        • This layout separates voters by at least 6-feet of distance

        • The MVHS auditorium will be used for the first level of overflow seating. The meeting will be streamed to the auditorium so that attendees are able to view and hear the proceedings

        • As is necessary, classrooms will also be utilized to provide additional overflow seating. Interactive Boards will be setup so that attendees are able to view and hear the proceedings

Important Notes...

      • Public Comment - all public comment during the Annual Meeting will take place in the gymnasium. Physically-distanced lines will queue up if multiple people wish to provide testimony or make amendments. Anyone in an overflow room, must make their way to the gymnasium to comment on the warrant articles

      • Voting at the Annual Meeting - unless a secret ballot is requested and gains the necessary signatures, all voting will be done via a card vote. Ballot clerks and supervisors will spread out accordingly and record votes by counting raised cards. Voters in overflow rooms will not have to leave their location to vote...clerks and/or supervisors will come to you

      • Absentee Ballots - a detailed process for absentee ballots is located on the MVSD homepage